You now have an opportunity to study in a new European Union country at relatively low costs. Latvia is an increasingly popular destination for students from developing countries. An increasing number of students from countries such as India, Nepal, Nigeria, Lebanon, Pakistan and Bangladesh are choosing to study in Latvia.

Why Study in Latvia?

• Tuition fees and living costs are generally lower than the costs in most western countries.
• Universities are well known for producing high quality IT and engineering graduates.
• EU membership means that a degree from Latvia is equivalent to other EU countries, making it easier to get credentials recognized.
• You will have all the benefits of living in a European country with lower costs than many westernised EU nations.
• The capital of Latvia, Rīga, is an attractive, lively, cosmopolitan city, but less expensive than many other Western European capitals.
In most colleges and universities, the official teaching language is Latvian, but individual study courses are available also in Russian, German and English. Edford Consultants provides services only to students who are interested in getting enrolled for courses that are taught in English language.
Foreign students can take Latvian language courses for foreigners offered by many universities. It may make your stay in Latvia easier and more enjoyable if you enrol in Latvian courses, even if your course is in English.
It is necessary to apply for residence permit at the Department of Migration and Citizenship if study period exceeds 3 months.
It is required that foreigners have medical insurance to obtain a visa; it is advised to do so before arrival in Latvia. Several state and private hospitals will take care of you if there is an emergency, whether you have insurance or not.
There are several student hostels in Rīga, but places are limited and have to be booked well in advance. Edford Consultants can put you in touch with private agencies that will also help you find a private apartment, if you prefer.

Average cost of living for students

Rent of apartment (2 rooms, 45 – 60 square meters) $800-1000/month
Rent of single room (15 – 25 square meters) $300-500/month
Student hostel $10-20/day
Food $300-500/month
Lunch in a university cafeteria $4-8
Meal in restaurant (drinks not included) $10-30
Teaching materials, copying $100-200/month
Public transport card $15-75/month (student discount available)
One ticket (tram, bus, trolley) $0.80-1.00
Telephone $50-100/month
Theatre ticket $45-80 (student discount available)
Concert ticket $30-80 (student discount available)
Cinema ticket $5-8
Nightclub entrance $10-50

What are the available study programmes?

• Doctor of Medicine (12 semesters)
• Dentistry,
• Pharmacy,
• Rehabilitation,
• Nursing Science,
• Dental Hygiene
IT, Science and Engineering Bachelor’s Degree Programmes:
• Bachelor of Engineering in Electronics
• Bachelor of Computer Science
• Bachelor of Science in Management
• Bachelor of Science in Economics

Master’s Degree Programmes:
• Master of Engineering in Electronics
• Master of Computer Science
• Master of Science in Management
• Master of Science in Economics

Professional Study Programmes:
• Higher Professional Study Programme in Transport and Business Logistics
• Higher Professional Study Programme in Transport Management
• Higher Professional Study Programme in Electronics

First Level Professional Study Programmes:
• First Level Professional Study Programme in Computer Science
• First Level Professional Study Programme in Information Technologies
• First Level Professional Study Programme in Transport Service

Doctoral Degree Programmes:
• Doctoral Degree in Telematics and Logistics

• Undergraduate (BA) Economics and Business
• Business Administration <
• Master’s in Public Administration
• Master’s in Tourism Strategic Management

European Studies:
• Political Science,
• Communication Studies,
• Sociology,
• Regional Economy and Business

• Telecommunications,
• Public relations,
• Civil engineering,
• Cartography and geodesy
• Production engineering

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