Pakistani students who plan on moving to Europe to study are taking a step in the right direction. While studying in Europe, students will gain transferable skills and knowledge that are valuable to future employers, receive world-class education from the oldest and most prestigious universities in the world, and experience attractive and exciting cities.
Many international universities work with a number of educational institutions in Pakistan which support many undergraduate and postgraduate programmes. Pakistan higher education commission (HEC) has allowed many international educational institutions from USA, UK and Europe to open their branch campuses in the country.
UK institutions like Cambridge university and British council are running a lot of courses in Pakistan and their standard of education as same as in the UK. That’s why, most of Pakistani students face no difficulties to adjust themselves in the educational system of different countries.
Edford Consultants is fully committed to provide best possible services to students who want to study abroad. Our office in Pakistan remains open six days a week; Monday to Saturday, and can answer all of your queries. If you feel you need further assistance, you can contact our head office in UK via direct call, WhatsApp or email. We will try to respond to your query within one working day.

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