Why us

  • Approved representatives of major Universities

    We work on behalf of academic institutions to recruit and counsel students.

  • Eligibility assessment prior to application

    You do not need to apply to multiple universities to check your eligibility. Simply fill in our application forms and our experts will give you advice about which universities are most likely to accept you.

  • Institution and Programme Selection

    There are hundreds of universities and thousands of courses offered in the UK. Our experts will give you a list of possible options after carefully considering different factors like your academic history, course choice, your financial situation, area of interest and other factors.

  • We do not charge for our services

    You only pay the course fee to the college/university at the time of enrolment.

  • Reliable and Trustworthy

    We are British Council and ISO 9001 certified consultants.

  • Student loan advice and guidance

    We can help you to get student loan and maintenance loan.

  • Scholarships & Discounts

    We take all necessary steps to secure you a scholarship.

  • Student Visa Application

    We will assist you in completing the visa application.

  • Interview Preparation

    Sometimes you may be asked for an interview by the university or the case worker regarding your visa application. We always advise our students to answer all the questions honestly and urge them to be prepared so that they don’t get stuck on unexpected questions. We will make you familiar with almost all the questions which can be asked.

  • Expert Team, Expert Advice

    Our consultants are multi-lingual UK graduates, many of whom have undergone industry recognised and accredited training. They are very well aware of the UK educational system and they will give you the best possible advice about entry and visa requirements.

  • We appreciate our customers’ needs

    We are not like traditional lawyers or agents who just consider you a number. We understand that every client is unique, so we give great attention to each and every student that chooses us.

  • Your information is protected with us

    We strictly follow the Data Protection Principles as per Data Protection Act 2018 and follow the guidance of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). We use clients’ information only for specified and explicit purposes, in a way that is relevant and limited to only what is necessary.